Keyshia Cole Apologizes For Being Late On Verzuz
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O.T. Genasis And Keyshia Cole: From Beef To Reconciliation

Let’s dive into some real drama from the music scene. Perhaps you’ve caught wind of the feud between O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole. This beef was everywhere—social media, headlines, you name it. But here’s the update: They’ve made amends, with the rapper extending a public apology to the singer once again.

For those out of the loop, here’s the lowdown. The whole situation kicked off when O.T. Genasis released a remix of Keyshia Cole’s hit “Love” in 2019, but with a twist—he replaced her vocals with explicit lyrics of his own. Understandably, Keyshia was not pleased. She voiced her displeasure on social media, and the situation quickly escalated.

During a 2019 episode of her talk show, “One On One With Keyshia Cole,” she expressed her discontent with the remix. “I would like my classics to be left alone,” she stated. “How am I going to get paid, you know what I’m saying, if you’re making new lyrics and you haven’t even sent me a check or anything like that?”

What followed was a full-blown feud. The artists exchanged barbs on social media, with fans and memes taking sides at a rapid pace. It was akin to a real-time rap battle, but playing out across Twitter and Instagram.

However, in 2021, O.T. Genasis attempted reconciliation by appearing during Keyshia’s VERZUZ battle with Ashanti. Despite the ongoing tension, there were rumors of behind-the-scenes efforts to squash the beef. While no public statements were made initially, it was hinted that there were moves to repair the rift.

In a turn of events, O.T. Genasis made a significant move to mend their relationship, issuing a public apology to Keyshia for the remix and any hurt it caused.

By 2022, a crucial moment came when Keyshia publicly acknowledged his apology, indicating her readiness to move on. Adding to this, during a recent stop in Los Angeles for The Love Hard Tour, O.T. Genasis delivered another public apology. Taking the stage, he captivated the audience and, with sincerity and humility, apologized to Keyshia in front of everyone.

“We were kind of going at it at one point,” he admitted. “It was my fault. I just want to apologize to you today. You’re genuinely sweet, with an amazing personality and sense of humor. Truly sent from God.”

As they leave their feud in the past, O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole have set a precedent for artists and fans alike, proving that overcoming disputes and embracing unity and collaboration is indeed possible.

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