Obama Takes Jabs At Trump, Lists Two Things A President Should Never Do

Obama Takes Jabs At Trump, Lists Two Things A President Should Never Do

Forever President Barack Obama appeared to take a very direct jab at Donald Trump Wednesday, by naming two things a president should never do. 

Data company, Splunk, hosted a private event where #Obama explained how he previously approached his job as president and how he depended on the diversity of different opinions before making decisions, according to reports. 

The 44th president named two things in particular that the commander of the oval office should never do, “The other thing that’s helpful is not watching TV or reading social media,” Obama told the audience. “Those are the two things I’d advise, if you’re president, not to do,” he added, “It creates a lot of noise and clouds your judgment.”

Well, Trump is widely known to tweet up a storm, as he has over 64 million Twitter followers. Numerous reports have long stated that Trump is an early riser, often waking up around 5:30 a.m. He reportedly starts his day watching TV to catch up on the news and then reacts to it on Twitter.

While some may argue that his comments weren’t a direct swipe at Trump, Obama also touched on indictments. The former president said, “I’m proud of the fact we didn’t have indictments,” adding, “I’ve said that before, but that is pretty rare in modern-day.”

Well, during Trump’s first term as president, there’s already been a number of his aides and associates in some pretty serious legal trouble. His former personal attorney #MichaelCohen and former campaign manager Paul Manafort are currently serving time behind bars. His Former campaign adviser #GeorgePapadopoulos served a 12-day sentence, while Trump’s longtime aide #RogerStone is charged with lying to Congress, as he will go on trial starting Nov. 5 in Washington. Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser, is awaiting sentencing.

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