Woman Sues Doctor After He Secretly Inseminated Her Mother with His Own Sperm in 1985

On Saturday, a lawsuit against a Rochester OB/GYN was brought forward, accusing him of impregnating a woman after telling her that an anonymous donor would inseminate her.

His biological daughter, Morgan Hellquest, is suing Dr. Morris Wortman.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s mother, Mrs. Levey, began seeing Dr. Morris Wortman at his OB/GYN office in Rochester in 1983.

According to the lawsuit, Wortman inseminated Mrs. Levey two to three times monthly in his office or at Highland Hospital in exchange for $50.00 in cash or check for each insemination between late 1983 and January 1985.
According to the lawsuit, Levey believed she was receiving live sperm from an unidentified medical student. In January 1985, Levey was inseminated with live sperm when she conceived.
Hellquest claims she realized she shared DNA with Wortman’s daughters and had six half-siblings with the same father after undergoing DNA testing.
Despite informing Hellquest’s mother and stepfather that the genuine father would have a clean health history, the complaint says Wortman has a family history of mental illness.

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