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You’re Doing It, Joe! Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump’s Ban On Abortion And Expands Affordable Care Act

Joe Biden is revoking Donald Trump‘s abortion policy and is bringing back Barack Obama‘s Affordable Care Act.

Joe ain’t wasting no time setting things back to some level of normalcy following Trump’s departure. On Thursday, Biden signed a memorandum reversing the restrictions on abortion access domestically and abroad, CNN reports. Biden told reporters the memorandum would “reverse my predecessor’s attack on women’s health access.”

He went on to say that the measure “relates to protecting women’s health at home and abroad, and it reinstates the changes that were made to Title X and other things making it harder for women to have access to affordable health care as it relates to their reproductive rights.”

His move will also satisfy a campaign promise he made “to protect and expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care.” According to CNN, the action will rescind the Mexico City Policy, a ban on the U.S. government funding foreign nonprofits that perform or promote abortions. It was also known as the “global gag rule.”

On top of that, Biden also signed two executive actions to widen Americans’ access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, NPR reports. “There’s nothing new that we’re doing here other than restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring Medicaid to the way it was before [Donald] Trump became president. Because by fiat, he changed — made [it] more inaccessible, more expensive and more difficult for people to qualify for either of those two plans,” Biden said. “I’m not initiating any new law, any new aspect of the law,” Biden stated. “This is going back to what the situation was prior to Trump’s executive order.”

The Department of Health and Human Services will have a special enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act through, operated by the federal government. The enrollment period will start on Feb. 15 and end on May 15. As we continue to battle COVID-19, it is even more critical that Americans have meaningful access to affordable care,” a White House fact sheet reads.

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