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Chinedu Okobi, the man who died after being tasered in Millbrae. (Courtesy of the Okobi Family)

Officers Involved In California Tasing Death Of Chinedu Okobi Will Not Be Charged

Five San Mateo County deputies will not be charged in the taser death of Chinedu Okobi.

Last year, on October 3, Okobi was tased to death in Millbrae just 30 miles north of Silicon Valley. Okobi’s family says he was “tortured to death.” The sheriff’s office claims Okobi was straying by foot in and out of traffic when they approached him. When trying to subdue Okobi, the police tased him numerous times. The video of the incident, which was posted on Twitter, the Okobi’s family called murder.

The composite video which was 25 to 30 minutes long was viewed by Okobi’s family and their attorneys. Deputies do not wear body cameras, officials said. Friday, the district attorney’s office released the video along with a statement.

”While the loss of life following contact with law enforcement is a tragic and traumatic event for all those involved, we have determined based upon a review of all the evidence that the use of force by the deputies under the circumstances encountered by them on that date was lawful,” the district attorney’s office said.

In the video, which was released Friday, shows Dep. Joshua Wang telling Okobi to stop so he can talk to him after the deputy saw him cross the street illegally. When Okobi continues to walk to and from across the street, the officer then runs after him and calls dispatch, telling them Okobi is running in traffic. The video from another officer’s dash cam shows Okobi walking away from them and swipes at the deputy with his left arm as the deputy approaches on foot and tries to grab his arm, CNN reports. Soon after several police show up. 

Eventually the police swarm Okobi, who already has his hands up. Police officers then begin firing their tasers at him. In total, Okobi was hit about seven times. In the video, you can hear Okobi asking authorities to stop, and beg for help. Okobi eventually gets up and tries to walk away, but an officer hits him with a baton. When the paramedics arrive, they performed chest compressions after he appeared to have gone into cardiac arrest. 

A pathology report from the coroner’s office says Okobi died of cardiac arrest after physical exertion and restraint and recent electro-muscular disruption, CNN reports.

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