Officers Who Killed Jayland Walker Will Not Face Charges

Officers Who Killed Jayland Walker Will Not Face Charges

In an all too familiar conclusion, the death of Jayland Walker will not result in any charges after he was brutally gunned down by Ohio police officers last year.

On Monday, a grand jury decided not to charge the eight officers who killed the 25-year-old Black motorist. Seven of the officers were white. Walker was murdered in June 2022 after officers attempted to pull him over in Akron. Officers were trying to stop him for a minor traffic violation. However, he did not stop. Instead, police chased him on a freeway and city street. During the pursuit, deputies claim he fired at least one shot from his vehicle. Officials claim that a flash seen on the bodycam footage is apparently Walker’s gun firing in their direction. He eventually fled the car and was chased on foot. In response, the eight officers fired a staggering 94 shots at the man in just a little over six seconds.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the number of shots fired makes the video “hard to watch” but maintains that the use of deadly force was justified.

“It is critical to remember Mr. Walker had fired on the police and that he shot first,” Yost stated.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Anthony Pierson called Walker a “good man” who seemed to be motivated by some life troubles. However, he did not confirm if Walker’s goal was “suicide by cop.” Walker’s fiance had passed away shortly before the chase, and when he exited the car to flee the officers on foot, he left his wedding ring and gun seated on the driver’s seat.

“I don’t want to speculate as to what Mr. Walker was thinking at the time, but I can say this — Mr. Walker was going through a very tough time in his life,” Pierson stated.

Walker’s death sparked protests in Akron, and Monday’s decision has left those seeking justice for his murder devastated. Walker’s family attorney Bobby DiCello said the grand jury’s decision has left them “shaken.”

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