Officials “Nowhere Near” Close to Catching the Culprits of the Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery


It has been about two months since Kim Kardashian’s traumatic experience in Paris and officials still haven’t caught the culprits.

Since the Paris robbery, several reports have revealed potential breaks in the case, however, all have come up short. According to US Weekly, police are nowhere near close to finding the masked men responsible for robbing the reality star at gunpoint.

“Two months on and we’re nowhere near finding who the robbers are,” a Paris official told Us Weekly. “You could call it strange, but actually it can take many months, even years to solve a heist mystery. There’s a lot that goes on beyond the initial evidence collecting.  … it can take a long time.”

In the meantime, Paris officials have been in touch with Kardashian’s counsel to relay any important updates, however, nothing regarding the capture of the criminals.

Since the traumatic event that left Kardashian all alone, bound and  gagged in a locked bathroom, the reality star has taken a break from social media and the red carpet to coupe.

However, for the first time since the robbery, Love Magazine’s Advent Magazine has released a new video of the reality star. According to reports, each day leading up to Christmas, the UK publication has put out a video of a model or celebrity to celebrate the holidays. Day 12, the magazine featured Kim Kardashian in lingerie surrounded by the Northern lights, in the first showing of her work to the public since the robbery, reports state.

Check out the video below.


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