Offset Claims Quality Control Music Is Interfering With Unreleased Solo Projects

Offset Claims Quality Control Music Is Interfering With Unreleased Solo Projects

Offset is reportedly unhappy with Quality Control Music over what he claims to be unjustifiable obstruction of his unreleased music.  According to RadarOnline, the rapper alleges that his former record label is trying to take credit for his forthcoming solo projects, despite him paying a substantial amount to terminate his contract.  Offset also claims that QC is attempting to ruin his career.

Offset and the record label parted ways in 2021 after more than ten years of collaboration.  In the same year, he filed a lawsuit against QC after becoming aware of the conditions of his agreement and wanting complete ownership over his solo projects.  Eventually, a settlement was reached between the two after the rapper paid a large sum to regain the rights to his music.

Following the agreement, Offset released a track called “54321” and continued to accuse the label of attempting to claim ownership. “Offset now brings this action to vindicate his rights and make it clear to the world that Offset, not Quality Control, owns Offset’s music,” the lawsuit read.

In response, QC requested the dismissal of the lawsuit due to an agreement with Capitol Records that required them to transfer all of Capitol’s rights in sound recordings obtained by Quality Control’s “Accepted Artist.”

Offset’s lawyer said, “Quality Control no longer owns the copyright to Offset’s solo sound recordings and is no longer licensing Offset’s solo sound recordings to Capitol, and Capitol has acquired ownership of Offset’s solo sound recordings directly from Offset. Wrongful interference with the upcoming release of Offset’s new music and continued instance of being credited as the owner of Offset’s new solo sound recordings is groundless and unjustified.”

Offset also requested the dismissal of QC’s countersuit against him for violating the contract. The lawsuit is still ongoing.

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