Offset Responds After Getting Dragged into Cardi B and Akbar V Twitter Beef

Offset Responds After Getting Dragged into Cardi B and Akbar V Twitter Beef

Following a 4 hour and counting Twitter beef between Cardi B and Akbar V, Offset got thrown into the mix after Akbar claimed Offset called her on some “tough guy shit.”

Aklbar tweeted, “Yeah and offset calling with all that tough guy Shit didn’t u just got stripped like a ho.”

Offset responded saying, “Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any Nigga played with me get blitzed ask around.” 

Akbar responded by saying that Offset is “lying” and that she is “Going at it with Mr and Mrs smith.”

According to Cardi B, Akbar made “made the whole thing up” with hopes of  “bating him to “snitch on himself.”


“Nobody scared of you or your husband. Your nigga be break dancing, ticking and moonwalking in the club. Who scarred of y’all? He’s not a gangster,” said Akbar. She stated, “Offset got his ass stripped, chain snatched. I can call them folks and get that chain back, that’s how plugged in I am,” said Akbar in a video posted to her Twitter feed.

Offset also tweeted, “Bitch that’s not my number, why would I call you when bitch already handling you lame ass hoe,” referring that Cardi B is already handling Akbar by herself.

Offset has since then deleted all of his tweets in response to Akbar.

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