Offset Sued Over Missing Bentley Bentayga Rental Car

Whew, chile rich people problems…Offset is being sued for the disappearance of a Bentley Bentayga rental car.

In May 2020, Platinum Transportation Group claims to have written up a contract with Offset stating he would pay less than $600 per day to rent their new 2020 Bentley Bentayga. The company says that Offset continued to request an extension for his rental even though the lease was only supposed to last a few days.

Sometime in July, Offset told the company that he misplaced the vehicle and couldn’t recall who had it last. Even though the rapper continued to pay for the rental up until the deal’s expiration date on July 25, he thereafter stopped sending money, and the company’s car was never returned.

Since Offset never returned the vehicle, PTG filed a police report to find the missing Bentley but couldn’t produce evidence of the information upon request. The company is claiming financial damages, stating that the vehicle’s absence has cost them $100,000 in missed revenue.



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