Ohio Daycare Teacher Caught On Camera Shoving 4-Year-Old Girl To the Floor, Second Teacher Saw But Didn’t Report

Ohio Daycare Teacher Caught On Camera Shoving 4-Year-Old Girl To the Floor, Second Teacher Saw But Didn’t Report

Whew! This is an evil world. An Ohio daycare worker is in hot water after being caught on tape pushing a 4-year-old girl to the floor.

What makes matters worse is a second teacher saw the assault but looked on and then walked away.

James Ciolino worked at the Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center as a teacher, but luckily he was fired and charged with an assault charge for the June 21 incident, the New York Post reported.

The video shows the young girl being shoved to the ground as her legs flung in the air, and she burst into tears.

“Get out of here,” Ciolino is heard saying. He then goes back to clapping and leading the class in a song.

The girl is seen and heard crying loudly on the ground for close to a minute before Ciolino finally gets up from a chair. But he doesn’t check on or comfort the 4-year-old. Instead, he slings her under his arm like a sack of potatoes and leaves the room.

Lisa McMillion, the Fairfield daycare’s director, fired both teachers and filed the report against them.

“The video itself has all the truth it needs in it,” McMillion told the station. ”So as you watch that, or as soon as you see that, you know immediately what needs to be done.”

Apparently, the child had left the room with another class. The teacher of that class, Jennifer Miller, yelled at Ciolino to come to get her, but he did not. The 6-foot tall and more than 300 lbs. teacher – closed his classroom door.

Miller is captured on the video bringing the girl to Ciolino’s class and leading her inside. That is when she was forcefully pushed to the ground while Miller watched, left the room, and did nothing.

Miller faces a child endangerment charge.

Both teachers have pleaded not guilty.

The mother of the girl said her daughter was pushed like an “animal.”

“A little baby who knows nothing who all she knows in life is play, eat and sleep – you push her down on her chest,” the mom said. “And she’s lying down crying and you are still doing what you were doing? What a heartless man.”

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