Ohio Man Arrested For Tipping Stripper Fake Money

An Ohio man is being charged with burglary after reportedly handing two counterfeit bills to a gentlemen’s club dancer.

Shortly after 9 p.m., police were dispatched to the location where a man, later identified as Darryl Cowan Jr., rushed into a random stranger’s residence on Saturday night after being maced by a dancer from an establishment called That 1 Place.

According to the dancer, Cowan allegedly gave her a fake $50 and $100 bill. She claims that she and another client approached the man, who then punched the other. She claims she leaped on Cowan and sprayed mace in his face, and Cowan then raced off with her car keys and into a nearby home.

Police said that Cowan was discovered in the home, allegedly inebriated.  He also told authorities that the homeowner had permitted him to enter.

Contrary to that assertion, the house’s owner claims she discovered an intruder inside after being notified by individuals who ran over and yelled it to her. Cowan was found laying on a bed by a neighbor who investigated the house.

According to a police report, Cowan’s car keys were discovered during a search. Cowan allegedly told authorities he didn’t know who owned the keys or where they originated from. The counterfeit bills, according to police, also had Chinese writing on them.

He was arrested and charged with burglary.  The fake bills and marijuana were collected and placed in evidence at the scene.

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