Ohio Man Kills Wife and Three Children Before Turning Gun On Himself

After John Nelson, 44, did not show up for work earlier this week, his boss became concerned. This worry led the Elyria police to the Nelson home, where they made a gruesome, yet heartbreaking discovery. 

Inside the Nelson home on Willow Park Road, the police found shell casings along with the bodies of John, his wife, and their three kids. 

John’s motive to kill is not quite clear and those close to the family are shocked, nonetheless. 

“I know they were trying to get out of this neighborhood and move out to the country somewhere and he just wanted to stay busy with the kids and keep them out of trouble so none of this is making any sense, were just lost right now,” cousin Ben Runyon told Cleveland19. “They were a typical family.”

A neighbor told Cleveland19 that she did hear gunshots on Tuesday night, but she brushed them off as she assumed they were fireworks at first. 

Gavin Nelson, 12, Brianna Nelson, 10, and Liam Nelson, 6, all attended Elyria schools. 

“This devastating news has deeply shaken our staff and school community,” school officials said and the district is offering counseling for those in need of support. 

“Very sad,” said another neighbor, whose daughter would often play with Brianna. “You just never know what people are going through.”

Man kills wife and kids
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