Ohio Woman Fights With McDonald’s Workers Because They Told Her She Can’t Mix Slushy Flavors

An Ohio woman has been arrested after she fought McDonald’s employees because they declined her drink request.

According to Yahoo! News, police took 44-year-old Cherysse Cleveland into custody Monday morning after a physical struggle between Mickie D’s employees.

According to WKYC, the incident took place at a McDonald’s location in Ravenna. When they arrived at the scene, police allegedly saw her hit the workers from behind the counter. “Are you f—–g crazy? Don’t touch me!” the woman angrily questions the woman. “Do not touch me, I’ll destroy you!” The entire ordeal was captured on video.

One of the employees tells the woman to “get out,” and in response, Cleveland says, you get the f— out, b——!” After that, the woman takes off her mask and says, “sorry, I’ve been up all day.” Then, she goes to the burger joint’s drink machine, fills up her cup, and walks toward the woman.

Less than a few moments go by, and before you know it, a fight breaks out. The video shows one of the employees fighting the woman by grabbing her hair and punching her. “Don’t f—–g hit me, b——!” the worker can be heard saying.

The officer then steps in, saying, “Enough! Enough!” According to police, the entire issue broke out because the workers told the woman she couldn’t mix the flavors of the slushy drinks.

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