Oklahoma Family Mistakenly Charged $4,500 For Coffee At Starbucks

Oklahoma Family Mistakenly Charged $4,500 For Coffee At Starbucks

An Oklahoma man looking for a caffeine fix was surprised that his credit card was charged almost $4,500.00.

Jesse O’Dell says he stopped by a Tulsa Starbucks last month and wasn’t aware that he mistakenly entered $4,444.44 in the tip field. The father of four didn’t check his receipt and therefore didn’t immediately realize what he had been charged. 

The error only became apparent while his wife and kids were out shopping for an upcoming trip, and the card was declined. 

O’Dell checked his bank account and realized he had been charged $4,456.27 for the coffee. He contacted the company for a refund, and Starbucks sent him checks. However, when he went to deposit the checks, they bounced. 

The Kansas City Star reports that O’Dell followed a police report after the checks bounced. The report has since been closed.

Unfortunately, it was a costly error. The family no longer had enough money to cover their trip and were forced to cancel.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told the New York Post that the checks bounced because of a typo and were resent to the family. He noted that they had been cashed. 

The representative placed the blame squarely on O’Dell, who denies adding the tip.

“I know how to press buttons. I didn’t press that button,” O’Dell told McClatchy News in a phone interview. “If it wasn’t the barista, then it’s definitely your network, which is a really big issue.”

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