Omarion Bump, Bump, Bumps B2K Off the Tour; Announces Millennium Tour 2020 Featuring Bow Wow

Omarion has announced a new millennium tour featuring himself and Bow Wow.

It looks like Omarion truly might have an ice box where his heart used to be because he won’t be including his fellow B2K members in the new upcoming tour Millennium Tour 2020. The tour will feature the hottest artists of the 2000s, the #YingYangTwins, #Lloyd, #Sammie, #PrettyRicky, and #SouljaBoy. 

Omarion announced the big news on Tuesday, a day that also happens to be B2K member #Fizz’s birthday. Omarion took to Instagram writing in a caption, “We are so excited to the Millennium Tour 2020.” 

The singer-songwriter said the tour cities will be announced on Monday, and pre-sale tickets will be available on Dec. 5. 

Omarion’s announcement set the internet ablaze, and people are reacting with excitement, but most are reacting to the slick business move Omarion made.

Will you be going to the concert?

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