Omarion Slams Ex In New Song; She Claps Back

Omarion Slams Ex In New Song; She Claps Back


Omarion and the mother of his two children, Apryl Jones, have been broken up for months and though they’ve seemed to keep things quiet and cordial (with the exception of some  subtweets and snapchats), it appears Omarion has done what every musician does — put his drama in a song.


The former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star recently released a song titled “It’s Whatever,” in which he dedicates a few lines to his ex.  Check out a few things he said below:

“I’ve been only single four months
I’m just tryna get my swag back
Probably try to catch a few kids
It’s like I never left, I’m right back
Torn apart, catch me, I’m on the run
Told my BM she can have that
Put that on my daughter and my son
Every night I’m having flashbacks”



“I musta did it to myself
Look unfamiliar to myself
You don’t remember what you did
I can do that all by myself
I had to put this shit on record
I’m probably better by myself
I had to put this shit on record
Just so you could get the message”


The song dropped a few days ago, which was pretty harsh since Omarion just celebrated his birthday and Apryl sent him a pretty thoughtful gift. Apryl, who celebrates her birthday next month, has been using Twitter to vent about how disappointed she is in Omarion’s new song.


“Full of Shit people rub me the wrong way…lol they just do,” she tweeted. “As much as people drive you to be nasty…love..endure…let it drive you..motivate you..push you…and always be kind. Positive vibes and positive vibes only.”


Apryl’s subtweets have continued over the last couple of days, with the reality star mommy tweeting, “Stay who you are despite the pain,” and “Always I say always pick the high road.”


Apryl then sent some semi-direct shots aimed at Omarion. “When you come too,and look back make sure you can live with the choices you’ve made. Resorted back to the old ways. I wish nothing.but the best for you.” She then reminded herself, “Protect your kids first…then you…that’s how the story goes,” before finally tweeting, “How can someone turn out to be so evil…omg.”


I don’t know what’s going on between these two but Apryl and Omarion both seem very hurt. They’re both taking it out on the platforms they have when they should probably be talking to each other for the sake of their two children.


Listen to Omarion’s song below, what are your thoughts? Did Omarion take it too far?


Check out a few of Apryl’s tweets below.


img_9117 img_9116 img_9115 img_9114



(Last screenshot via RWS)


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