On a Scale of 1-10... By: @milagreee - Baller Alert

On a Scale of 1-10… By: @milagreee

I read an interesting article about how most women in their 20’s and early 30’s pass on men who they consider to be less than a “10.” Considering a ten doesn’t exist, they spend majority of their younger years looking for a unicorn. Women will pass on an 8 because he isn’t perfect. These women end up in their 40’s wondering what went wrong.

You basically can’t have it all but when you are looking there are certain things that cant be negotiated or overlooked. These things are essential for a working relationship and you should stick to them instead of looking for the whole package. His shape up isn’t one of those things.

I know some of us, myself included find reasons to pass up on perfectly acceptable men, finding ridiculous reasons to go find our “ten,” such as his crooked teeth, his laugh is annoying, his feet smell, he’s bald and only 28.

Noone wants to settle for anything less than butterflies but butterflies don’t raise the kids and they don’t put a roof over your head nor food in the fridge.

You should had similar beliefs and values with the man you date. Just because you’re physically attracted to a man doesn’t mean you will both want to baptize your child, that you agree on things such as finances, what kind of education you want your children to receive, if you have two different religions, whether you’ll let your children choose. If your political views, if he is a strong republican but you’re a liberal that might be a problem but if you don’t care either way then you’ll be okay.

He should be supportive. Marriage is team work. You push and support each other to be the best you you can be. If he has no interest in what goes on in your life and rather not hear about it than perhaps he isn’t worth dating.

He should treat you like a lady. I know most men will put up that front in the beginning. Most of them will act like gentlemen initially, opening car doors, holding doors open for you, pulling out chairs for you. But as you continue to date, those who aren’t faking it, continue to do it. It is in their nature. It is how they were raised and it comes out naturally. Im very old school so I believe that is essential.

His finances should be in order. If he’s buying watches and cars instead of paying for his rent, you should run. You don’t want to be with the man that lives pay check to pay check.

Honesty. I think that speaks for itself. Trust is a big deal and if you don’t trust your man, you’re literally going to drive yourself insane and that’s just a headache you don’t need.

He respects his family. Focus on how he treats mother dearest, he will probably treat you the same. We are how we are raised and if he respects her, hell respect you. Also, find out how he feels about his dad, he’s probably very similar to his father and doesn’t even know it.

Reliability is crucial. You need consistency and stability in a healthy relationship. You need to be able to say hey, I need my oil changed and he’ll do it. You need to be able to count on him when you need him. If your tire goes flat, and you cant change it, your car shouldn’t be sitting in your driveway for weeks. Now, I know you can do it yourself, but men need to be needed. Obviously, you can do it yourself but it’s about giving him a sense of worth.

Compromise, you cant always be right princess, andhe cant always be right either. Make sure you’re able to compromise on certain things, big or small.

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