‘Onward’ Is A New “Breakup Concierge” Service That Will Help You Move On From Your Ex…Literally

These days we have grocery delivery, laundry delivery, Uber Eats, all types of conveniences right from our phones. Now, the world can also move out and move on from a failed relationship with the help of a service called Onward.

‘Onward’ is a breakup concierge that’s meant to make the whole break up process a lot easier. It helps you with everything from moving out to self-care services. 

Cofounders, Lindsay Meck and Mika Leonard, both experienced rough breakups and realized how much their lives were totally overturned in such a short span of time. They knew that other people have gone through major breakups and must be in the same position.

Their website explains, “We all know someone who has been through this — maybe their own personal heartbreak or taking care of a friend through the hard times. It sucks, but it will get better. We’re here to help.” The site explains further, “Onward concierges facilitate relocation and life relaunch, coordinating anything and everything from housing search to the move itself, address and utility changes, furnishing purchases and installations. We will pair you with the support services you need including therapist matchmaking, financial and legal tools.”

The service, which is currently only available in New York, offers a 10-day reboot, a 30-day recharge, or a three-month recalibration, each of which offers different levels of assistance. They also offer weekly check-ins and services for self-care, storage, pet care and cleaning.

How useful would this be for you? Serial daters…this might be it!


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