Orlando Brown Debuts New Snake Eyes On Dr. Phil As Friend Begs For Help

Orlando Brown’s behavior the past couple of years has been nothing less than bizarre. However, one friend has had enough. 

The concerned acquaintance decided that reaching out to Dr. Phil would bring the best results in order to turn the former Disney star’s life around before it was too late. Though the episode doesn’t air until Friday, fans can watch the preview via TMZ. 

A seemingly attentive Brown sat and listened as the man shared his feelings of worry about his odd antics and claims. One example is being the son of Michael Jackson and having ownership of Neverland Ranch. 

As serious as the conversation may have gotten, there was no way of not getting distracted by Orlando’s latest cosmetic change. He observed while beaming creepy, green reptilian eyes. 

Believe it or not, this is the least dramatic behavior he has publicly exhibited in a while. It was just in September when he was arrested for randomly breaking into a restaurant. A month before that, he was arrested by bounty hunters in his underwear. 

Luckily for Brown and us, he’ll be fully clothed in the forthcoming Dr. Phil special.

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