Over 30 People in NYC Found Passed Out On Streets and Sidewalks After Smoking Synthetic Weed – blogged by: @paige_kendra_

New York Police received calls of multiple people who appeared to be overdosing in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Witnesses reported that victims were found laying on the sidewalk, shaking and leaning against fire hydrants, trees, and electric poles. Some individuals were found passed out while others wandered off into traffic.

Over 30 people were sickened from an apparent mass drug overdose from the synthetic marijuana known as K2.

The area has been described as the “epicenter”  of the K2 outbreak. A local Brooklyn resident said, “It was like a scene out of The Walking Dead. They were zombied out. They were laid out twitching on the floor. Some of them were motionless. This is nothing you’d want your kids to see.”

K2 is man made and affects the same area of the brain as regular marijuana, while it also contains intense laboratory made chemicals sprayed on to the leaves to make it look more like marijuana. Robert Messner, the Police Department’s assistant deputy commissioner for civil enforcement, says that K2 is closer to more virulent drugs such as bath salts.

Victims experience hallucinations, vomiting, urination, black outs and sometimes death. Over a span of three days this week, 130 people across New York City were treated in hospital emergency rooms after overdosing on K2.

The Health Department issued a safety warning statement addressing that the people of New York should be aware of the extreme dangers of K2, and to be mindful of what you are putting in your bodies.

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