Parents File Lawsuit After Son Is Killed By Driver Suspected of Being Distracted By Porn

Three people were killed in a head-on collision caused by a driver, who, according to the Texas Highway Patrol accident report, was allegedly distracted by porn.

Paramedics who responded to the crash reportedly found an x-rated movie still playing while at the scene of the accidents.

Eighteen-year-old Jonathan Weaver was among those killed in the crash, and his parents are now suing Energy Transfer Partners, which is the company that owned the driver’s truck.

According to CBS News, the parents hope that by suing the truck company, it will send a message about the lack of oversight businesses and states extend over drivers using their cellphones as well as inspire a wake up call.

“I’m not an angry person by nature, and as time goes on, I’m definitely dealing with anger over that, because it’s so senseless, watching porn, cell phone use,” Delena Weaver, Jonathan’s mother told CBS News. “He killed my son.”

Delena and Patrick Weaver want people to stop distracted driving.

“Put the phones down,” Delena Weaver said. “Your life and other people’s lives are valuable. Put the phones away. It can wait.”

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