Paris Jackson Clarifies Rumors Of Her “Storming Out” Of Dior Fashion Show: “I do not support animals being branded and whipped… I will always be myself”

After working with Dior to produce a fashion show in France, #MichaelJackson’s daughter, #ParisJackson, walked out of the show before it ended on Friday. This was Dior Couture’s spring/summer 2019 Cruise collection presentation. The theme of the show was rodeo and featured women riding horses to really complete the look.
A source confirmed to People that “The ladies performing with the horses were riding side-saddle so they had to use a crop to get the horses to go straight and it was pouring rain with no tent.” The source also confirmed to People that Paris did “quietly” leave the event because she wasn’t comfortable with how the horses were being treated during the high profile show. Continuing with, “She was uncomfortable with how the horses were being handled (the whipping sound was loud) so she quietly slipped out.”
Though some tried to paint her picture of leaving as “storming out,” the late pop star’s daughter corrected all of the naysayers with a simple tweet. She wrote on Tuesday, “To be clear, I did not ‘storm out’ of the show. I quietly got up and walked out trying my hardest to not cause a scene, because I do not support animals being branded and whipped. Not trying to become enemies in the fashion world in any way, but I will always be myself.”

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