Parler CEO, John Matze, Says Social Media App May Not Return

John Matze, the CEO of Parler, said his controversial social media platform might never recover and get back online after major service providers booted it from their networks after they accused the app of failing to police violent content.

According to the NY Post, during an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Matze said he didn’t know when, or if, the fledgling outfit would be back online.

Initially, Matze seemed uncertain about when the app could return but later changed to a more optimistic outlook.

“It may take days, it may take weeks, but Parler will return, and when we do, we will be stronger,” he told the news outlet.

On Tuesday, Matze told Fox News that attempts to silence the 2-year-old platform were “sick” and “evil.”

“I think it’s sick,” Matze said. “That’s not what the Constitution said. That’s not what the Constitution stands for, banning 10-plus million US voters from the internet, barring people from free speech.”

Matze told Reuters that Parler was talking to multiple cloud computing services but declined to divulge names, saying the likelihood was that the companies involved would be harassed.


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