Passengers Aboard Ryanair Flight Purchased Tickets For Seats That Didn’t Exist

Passengers Aboard Ryanair Flight Purchased Tickets For Seats That Didn’t Exist

This is unheard of. Passengers boarding a flight from London to Dublin were bamboozled when they learned the seats they paid for didn’t exist.

Apparently, eight passengers purchased tickets on the Ryanair flight but were left confused and standing at the back of the aircraft.

The video of the incident has since gone viral and shows the passengers standing in the back.

“So, everyone here has paid for seats… And we’re stuck at the back of the plane,” Gerry Harrington is heard saying in the video.

Harrington, 62, claims airline staff told them the flight was overbooked, but he didn’t buy the excuse.

“No, they’ve sent a smaller plane,” he said.

He was going to Ireland for the weekend but had to cancel his trip because there wasn’t space for him on the plane.

Harrington was supposed to sit in row 35, but the plane only went up to row 33.

The airline offered passengers about $450 for compensation, accommodations, and a seat on the first flight the next day.

However, Harrington wants a complete refund plus compensation since he missed the soccer game.

“There was no point in traveling the next day as we’d missed the tournament we were playing in,” he says.

Following the video making rounds on social media, more people have come forward to share their similar experiences.

“[This] happened to me in July,” one person wrote. “[I] can’t believe this is still happening.”

“This is typical of Ryanair,” said another. “Never any communication.”

As for Ryanair, it issued a statement to the Daily Mail saying, “Affected passengers were provided with overnight accommodation and will receive compensation, “a spokesperson for the airline told the outlet.

“Ryanair sincerely apologizes to these passengers for any inconvenience caused.”

As for Harrington, he says it all could have been avoided had the airline communicated properly.

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