Conservative Evangelical Christian Pastor Rick Joyner Says He Wants Christians To Prepare For A Civil War Against BLM Protestors

Conservative evangelical Christian pastor Rick Joyner is telling Christians to “mobilize” to fight a civil war against left-wing activists.

During an appearance with the conservative Christian program The Jim Bakker Show, Joyner, who recently called the #BlackLivesMatter movement and its protestors the “KKK of this time,” shared why he thinks the country is on the brink of a Civil War. He said these thoughts first came to him after he had a dream that “militias would pop up like mushrooms” and that they would be supported by God, according to Newsweek.

“We’re in time for war. We need to recognize that. We need to mobilize. We need to get ready,” said Joyner. “Jesus himself said, ‘There’s gonna be a time when you need to sell your coat and buy a sword.’ Now that was a physical weapon of their day, and we’re in that time here. We need to realize that.”

He then said that God “seeded” the nation with veterans who know how to fight in” urban warfare.” He added that the veterans would “be a part of the leadership of these militias and help us in what’s about to unfold in our own country” as he called them “patriots.” He continued: “These are going to be those who know what the tyranny of Marxism is, and they have seen its evidence and the cruelty of some other ideologies and all that is out there,” he said, claiming that “God has prepared us for this.”

Earlier this year, he claimed that it was time for people to arm themselves for the Civil War. “The Second Amendment is linked to militias,” he said. “We were meant to have militias throughout the country to defend our communities … I think there is going to be a militia,” said Joyner during his earlier appearance on the show. Joyner, a heavy Trump supporter, also said that Donald Trump will be seen as one of the greatest leaders. “By the end of Trump’s presidency, he will be considered one of the greatest presidents we’ve had since the founders,” Joyner said on a Facebook live video back in 2017.

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