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The antics of the Super Bowl seem to have caught up with the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots and it’s going to cost them. 

While Pats QB, Tom Brady, took a knee to end the 28-24 game, it caused a bit of a tussle between the two teams. It’s still unclear who initiated the brawl but at least four players will pay for it as reported by NFL Media Insider, Ian Rapoport. Bruce Irvin, Seahawks linebacker, will have to hand over $10,000 along with LOB-mate, Michael Bennett, who was fined $8,268 for “unnecessarily striking opponents.” New England’s hulk-of-a-tight-end, Rob Gronkowski said in an interview he was throwing “haymakers” and he too, finds himself fined $8,268. Teammate, Michael Hoomanawanui, was fined the same amount; both for striking their opponents.

The Seahawks defense aren’t the only folks dishing out money for the game’s craziness, though. Wide receiver, Doug Baldwin, was also fined $11,025 for his touchdown celebration. Some of us have yet to see the exact movement (NBC never showed it), but Baldwin was said to have pretended to wipe his backside with the football after a pretty nice catch. He also received a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game.

Around the NFL’s, Dan Hanzus, reported that Baldwin’s fine was among the least of dollar amounts for such conduct, assuming the league wasn’t overly upset with the gesture and recognized the excitement of the game. Baldwin later informed The Daily Herald that he had absolutely no regrets about his move and that he was “just out there having fun playing the game of football.” He added that there are other concerns that needed to be addressed other than “something stupid like that.” I’ll say, Doug.


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