Paul Pierce Explains 2021 Viral Stripper Video: "We All Make Some Mistakes" [Video]

Paul Pierce Explains 2021 Viral Stripper Video That Resulted In His ESPN Termination: “We All Make Some Mistakes” [Video]

Paul Pierce admits he “accidentally” posted the 2021 viral stripper video that led to him being fired by ESPN.

Pierce recently sat down with Lance Armstrong on the Fox show Stars on Mars, discussing his dismissal from the network due to his Instagram activity. If you’re not aware, Pierce shared a video involving strippers and poker, which led to his termination.

“I was at my boy’s birthday party, we was playing poker, and there was girls just there dancing and alcohol — a lot of alcohol,” Pierce said. “It was a big old controversy.”

Armstrong then questioned who posted the video online, to which Pierce responded, “I accidentally did — my dumb a**.”

Subsequently, Pierce revealed that despite his firing, he believes everything happens for a reason.

“Yeah, I lost my job at ESPN over it. We all make some mistakes,” he added. “But I wouldn’t be on ‘Mars’ if that didn’t happen. See? Things happen for a reason.”

This isn’t the first time Pierce has spoken about his dismissal. In April, Pierce found humor in his termination as he discussed it on the I am Athlete podcast. During the conversation, he jokingly questioned what he had done to warrant such a fate.

“I got fired for having some entertainment. I’m playing cards. It’s my boy’s birthday. It’s girls dancing. We’re blowing some tree. What did I do wrong?” he asked.

Pierce elaborated on his decision to go live on social media during that particular moment, emphasizing that it was uncommon for him.

“I don’t ever go live either, I was just feeling my [hair] cut or something, and then it was popping behind me,” Pierce said.

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