PayPal Launched a Fundraising Service Called The Generosity Network

PayPal recently launched its own version of  GoFundMe.The Generosity Network host cause-based fundraisers. According to the company, the platform is  “accessible, easy, and secure way” for people to raise money for causes that matter to them. Campaign can last 30 days, and raise up to  $20,000 per project.

According to PayPal, the Generosity Network already has a community of users. Fundraisers for funeral expenses and cancer treatments have all been loaded to the platform. Hopefully, PayPal will take precautions to make sure campaigns posted are legitimate. GoFundMe has received a great deal of scrutiny for its users exploiting thousands of dollars in fake causes.

PayPal also announced a revamp that will be finalized next year. The company plans to become the ” mega app”  replacing traditional banks. Users will have access to direct deposit, cash checks, buy cryptocurrency, purchase items online and in installments, and more.

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