Pebbelz da Model Finally In Court For Murder By Lethal Butt Injection

Back in January we told you about famed video vixen turned fugitive, Pebbelz da Model who was wanted by police for referring clientele to a back alley butt enhancement doctor who was injecting women with concrete. When a young Atlanta woman by the name of Karima Gordan died from blood clots in her lungs from silicone injections used in the procedure, the former model went on the run.


Pebbelz was nabbed in Memphis, TN and after nearly 6 months, has finally seen a day in court for it. According to the Associated Press, Gordon met Pebbelz in New York and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner. The Associated Press located a Twitter. Pebbelz Da Model’s Twitter page featured photos advertising Garner’s work.


Pebbelz da Model and her 48-inch posterior plead not guilty to four counts — murder, conspiracy to commit murder, wire fraud & conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She is facing a possible life sentence. Pebbelz trial date is set for July 22.

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