Pentagon Denies Donald Trump A Huge Military Sendoff

Donald Trump was hoping for a grand farewell from the White House, complete with a military-style parade and surrounded by his supporters. In breaking with recent tradition, the Pentagon has decided against granting the outgoing president’s request.

It’s not clear where Trump wanted the parade to occur, whether at the White House, Joint Base Andrews, or Palm Beach. Still, without support from the Pentagon, it’s not happening either way.

According to The Daily Mail, ever since Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the Department of Defense has hosted an Armed Forces Farewell tribute as a president’s term comes to an end. According to the outlet, the ceremonies include military members getting to meet or see the president in person. Usually, their commander in chief exhibits his appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice.

When Joe Biden is sworn in on Wednesday, Trump plans to be at home in his Mar-a-Lago club or playing golf at his course nearby. Although Trump has agreed to a peaceful transfer of power, he will not participate in any of the hand-off rituals that generally take place between the outgoing president and the newly elected commander in chief. Usually, the incumbent will host a one-on-one conversation with the incoming president and leave a letter of advice.

As a result of Trump supporters’ insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, Biden’s inauguration will be closed to the public over further threats of violence. The FBI is looking into multiple threats of violence by armed “patriots.” Additionally, more than 20,000 Guardsmen have been deployed to Washington D.C. until after inauguration day.

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