People In Jail Always Want To Play The Victim

This is what’s wrong with our people.  Our young black brothas are in and out of prison and what’s the main reason? Their inability to take responsibility for their actions. 


Why is it that when Soulja Boy gets pulled over and taken to jail for having a substantial amount of weed and guns on him the judicial system is wrong for making it a FED case? Are we assuming that Soulja Boy had absolutely nothing to do with this case going federal? Let’s not pretend like the gun charges weren’t felonies of their own, but now you have drugs involved. Obviously Soulja Boy isn’t to blame for this. He’s just an innocent young black man that’s a victim of the white man trying to hold him down. Sadly, this is the thought process of a lot of our people today. We’ll nonchalantly yell the words “Free So & So” knowing without a doubt that what they did was wrong and they are deserving of being in jail. I’m sorry, if Boosie killed my family member, I’d want him in jail. There’s not a single song that he has playing in the club that’s going to change my mind. 


Now let’s talk about when our young brothers, boyfriends and husbands are actually behind bars. Why do they always find a way to play victim and make you feel guilty for them being there? First it starts with the letters and phone calls. They make you feel like it’s the worst place in the world to be. They talk about how they don’t eat, can’t sleep and they get into fights everyday. You begin to pity them until you snap to your senses. You didn’t put them in jail their stupidity did. Prison isn’t supposed to be a lavish all inclusive 4 star vacation, it’s supposed to be punishment for a crime you committed. So if the food is lousy, oh well, as long as you’re getting the 4 basic food groups I don’t really sympathize. There are starving people in Africa with less, and they’re innocent. 


Then they ask you for money. For some reason they feel that you must financially support them from the outside. It’s never taken into consideration that the bills in the free world don’t stop just because you have a loved one behind bars. It’s never small amounts of money either. Things in jail are expensive! Before you know it you’ve spent your entire rent money on making sure your felon has toilet paper, stamps, envelopes, magazines and ramen noodles. The moment you forget to put money on his books and he will flip. So you do it for your sanity more than anyone else’s. They say they’ve changed and they’ve found religion. Things are going to be easier once they’re out. They get out, then in less than 90 days, they’re right back in.


And then you eventually give up. You’ve come to your senses. You realize that you didn’t put this person behind bars and you shouldnt be subject to the emotional abuse (because it really is emotional abuse). The woe is me attitude has been used to the point of no return. You’re over the whole “if you loved me you would help me” line. You’re over accepting the $1.00 per minute collect calls. You’re simply just over it! But it’s not that easy of course. The minute you walk away, you’ve become a cold-hearted disloyal bitch. 


You can’t win for losing, right? Well, guess what? I’m here to say that you don’t have to become the primary provider for someone who constantly finds themselves behind bars. You know why they keep getting arrested? Because they’ve placed blame on everyone and everything other than the true cause, themselves. The moment a person realizes that they are the cause of their life’s struggles, the quicker and easier it becomes to change. If all you do is blame the police for locking you up you end up forgetting the real crimes you were charged for anyway. People of prison, please wisen up!

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