Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Blasts Charlemagne & Trevor Noah For Being Too Friendly With Tomi Lahren

Peter Rosenberg

Peter Rosenberg’s beef with Charlemagne Tha God is going beyond Hot 97 and Power 105. Now we are talking social issues and Rosenberg has an axe to grind.

Rosenberg took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with CthaGod hanging out with conservative talk show host, Tomi Lahren. You may recall Tomi has had very negative things to say about President Obama, Beyonce, Jay Z, Black Lives Matter and the shootings of unarmed black men.

After TMZ caught up with Charlemagne and Tomi looking extremely friendly, Rosenberg questioned CthaGod’s place in the culture.

“It’s amazing that people are blind enough to think this dude is good for the culture, said Rosenberg. “PLEASE WAKE UP!”

Rosenberg continued, “The devil dosen’t always wear horns and a shirt that says devil guys…sometimes he wears promo t-shirts and light foundation.”

Rosenberg further explained his issues, saying that a meeting with Tomi wasn’t needed and never will be. “If one more person says its important that we hear the views of a 24 year old ignorant troll again I’m gonna lose it,” tweeted the radio host. “Do we need discourse with those that liken BLM to the KKK?? thanks but no thanks …if she was an ugly man, they’re not talking to her. We DO NOT NEED DIALOGUE w a 24 year old who knows nothing but directly attempts to divide people racially.”

Rosenberg also directed criticism towards Trevor Noah, who was caught having drinks with the blonde following their interview. “and I came around a LITTLE BIT on ‪@Trevornoah‬ having her on his show but then he had to go have drinks with her at her hotel?! FAM come on!”

This is one of the few times that I can say that I’m totally feeling Peter Rosenberg in this situation. Not with dissing Charlemagne, because I don’t feel the same way at all. He’s not the devil at all. I agree with Peter’s frustration about how Charlamagne and Trevor Noah are so welcoming to someone like Tomi.

Though I love Charlemagne and Trevor as hard working black men who have earned their platform, I feel that platform does not need to include Tomi Lahren.

There is absolutely no reason to fraternize with someone like her. Have your conversation on-air, educate her and call it a day. No need to have drinks later or hang out like you’re friends. No need to pose for pictures. I don’t care if Tomi herself is not racist. She has a platform whose audience believes the murders of unarmed black men are justified. She uses her platform to fuel hatred. She finds fault in Black people fighting for justice and believes Black Lives Matter is a hate group comparable to the KKK. The people who tune into her show believe that it is their constitutional right to shoot you dead and stand over your body because they know they will not see a day in jail. The audience she caters to believes you are 1/3 a human being. Her job description is to rile up racists Monday – Friday so they can harass you on Saturday. What else could there possible be to talk about?

It shouldn’t have taken a Jewish man to point this out but I’m glad he did.

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