Pharrell Williams Launches Auction Platform to Sell Personal Items
Pharrell and auction items (Getty/Joopiter)

That’s Baller: Pharrell Williams Launches Auction Platform to Sell Personal Items Including 14k Gold Blackberry, Diamond-Encrusted G-Shock, $150K Cuban Link Chain & More

Pharrell Williams has embarked on a new business venture that’ll allow wealthy fans the opportunity to bid on high-end vintage goods from his personal collections.

The producer and rapper has officially launched his digital auction platform, Joopiter. This idea was birthed during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdown, the Grammy-award winner began digging through his eleven storage vaults, unearthing cultural artifacts from the 90s and 2000s that paint the picture of his illustrious career.

Launched on Thursday, the inaugural auction is called “Son of a Pharaoh,” an ode to his father, Pharoah Williams. The starting line-up includes a series of personal items dear to Pharrell’s heart, such as his Princess Anne High School drumline letterman jacket, a custom-designed Billionaire Boys Club Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, an ice-out G-Shock watch, and two Bathing Ape G-Shock watches. One noteworthy standout on the platform is the “Frontin” star’s 14k gold Jacob & Co. Blackberry 8700. As of Thursday afternoon, the latest bid was $8,750, though this now-antique is expected to fetch up to $25,000.

Pharrell said the motivation behind Joopiter was to share these one-of-one pieces with the world to tell a story of his life during various moments.

“They are symbolic of what I was going through at that time, what I was thinking, my dreams, and not necessarily knowing how far I would go or how long it would all last,” the 49-year-old told Fast Company.

Eventually, Pharrell hopes to lend his auction site to other celebs looking to unload some exclusive items. Best of all, all proceeds go towards his non-profit, Black Ambition, an initiative that invests in Black and Latinx entrepreneurs and creators.

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