Phil Collins’ Ex-Wife Blames Spinal Condition As The Reason She Can’t Leave His Million Dollar Miami Mansion

The ex-wife of Phil Collins says she cannot move out of multi-million-dollar Miami mansion because she has a debilitating spinal condition.

It looks like former wife Orianne Cevey, 46, wants more money from the Genesis frontman, and told the court that Collins became an alcoholic with a drug addiction during their marriage, Page Six reports. On top of that, Cevey alleges that the singer neglected his hygiene and stopped bathing for months at a time.

But Collins begs to differ, saying her story is “a litany of demonstrably false, immaterial, impertinent, scandalous and scurrilous allegations which have nothing to do with the legal claims in this case.”

Cevey believes she is owed half of the mansions worth, $20 million—while also saying she can’t leave because of her previously unreported spinal condition. Doing so would “disrupt her daily regime and access to special equipment at the luxury waterfront property in Miami Beach.” According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, if she is forced to leave, she will become “wheelchair-bound.”

Her recent claims are a stark contrast to how she has lived the past few years; her social media shows lavish trips across the world, riding bikes, boxing, kayaking, and she even at the physical capabilities to climb a mountain in Switzerland.

Still, her attorneys insist that she has a medical condition. “Cevey suffered damage to her spinal cord in a routine operation in 2014 after suffering a neck injury in a martial arts exhibition in Paris,” and she now must “undergo five hours of physical therapy and training per day, Monday through Saturday … in order to simply maintain her current condition.” One document states, “she undergoes three hours of therapy in the home on various equipment purchased for her therapy needs, and in the home’s swimming pool, and another two hours of therapy at a nearby therapy center.”

“Without this rigorous and ongoing therapy regimen, which has been part of her daily routine since March 2015 and is closely monitored by her therapist at a local therapy center, Orianne’s physical condition would rapidly deteriorate and likely result in her becoming wheelchair-bound again.”

Cevey is now married to a much younger man, Thomas Bates, 31.

Cevey claims Collins verbally agreed to split the mansion proceeds with her, but he says this didn’t happen. A source close to Collins told the Daily Mail that Cevey is “holding the house hostage.” It looks like she wants to get a settlement, despite the $45 million settlement she got after they divorced in 2008.

“The truth is (Cevey) enjoys living in luxury, and she wants to frustrate her husband’s plans to spend Christmas at the property,” a source told the paper. “It’s all part of a transparent ploy to push him into a situation where he will come to a settlement — as if the previous one wasn’t enough. It’s all just heart-breaking for Phil, who decided to buy the home and get back together with her for the sake of the children… Now she is holding it hostage, using delay tactics and fabricating all sorts of stories to squeeze even more out of him,” the source added.

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