Philadelphia City Commissioner and Election Workers Receive Death Threats For Ballot Counting

City Commissioner Al Schmidt told “60 Minutes” that he and the Philadelphia election workers were receiving death threats last week, including calls that were “reminding us that this is what the Second Amendment is for.”

Schmidt and others received the threats as election workers spent days counting hundreds of thousands of mail-in and provisional ballots at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

On Saturday, Joe Biden was deemed the winner of the presidential race after Philadelphia reported a batch of votes late Saturday morning, handing him Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

Donald Trump and his campaign continue to make false claims accusing Philadelphia of counting illegal, fraudulent votes. He has made similar accusations of Pennsylvania and other battleground states.

Schmidt, a Republican, said, “From the inside looking out, it feels all very deranged.” He said, “At the end of the day, we are counting eligible votes cast by voters. The controversy surrounding it is something I don’t understand. It’s people making accusations that we wouldn’t count those votes, or people are adding fraudulent votes, or just coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff.”

Schmidt, one of three commissioners tasked with overseeing Philadelphia’s elections, said that he was pushed back at the president’s remarks.

“In the birthplace of our republic, counting votes is not a bad thing,” Schmidt said. “Counting votes cast on or before Election Day by eligible voters is not corruption. It is not cheating. It is democracy.” He added, “There really should not be a disagreement, regardless of party affiliation, when we’re talking about counting votes cast on or before Election Day by eligible voters. It’s not a very controversial thing, or at least shouldn’t be.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who won re-election, join Schmidt in denouncing Trump’s claims.

Shapiro told the CBS weekly news magazine show, “Donald Trump can say whatever he wants.” He said, “But we just had an election, an election that was secure, an election where the votes were tallied, and a proper winner will be certified based not on the words of President Trump, but on the votes of the American people.”

Last week, Trumps Campaign sued Pennsylvania to stop the counting of mail-in and provisional ballots and to provide poll watchers more access to the process. While a federal judge granted the campaign a small victory by allowing its monitors to move from 10 feet to 6 feet away, vote counting continued.

Democrat State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, who represents the 181st District in North Philly, accused the Trump campaign of voter suppression.

He said, “The Trump campaign is trying to steal an election by not having every vote count.” He continued, “And in an election, if you think you’re gonna win, you don’t try to stop the counting. You want every vote counted. We’re going to count every single vote. And all they can do is what they’ve done. To try and throw sand in the gears, to try to make the process as slow as possible, and then fill that time of delay with conspiracy theories and nonsense.”

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