Philadelphia Cream Cheese Introduces Plant-Based Version

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Introduces Plant-Based Version

The cherished creamy goodness that is Philadelphia Cream Cheese will be getting a plant-based makeover.

Philadelphia has launched a soft rollout of its non-dairy cream cheese. The signature spread promises the same notable taste and texture produced with coconut oil and faba bean protein.

It has taken two years for the Kraft Heinz Company to develop its highly anticipated Philadelphia Plant-Based. Still, the cream cheese is in its trial phase. Customers in Miami, Houston, and Atlanta have the opportunity to try it out before the nationwide debut in the summer of 2023.

Robert Scott, President of Research & Development at The Kraft Heinz Company, explained the purpose behind the plant-based spread is to ensure that consumers of all diets and lactose tolerance levels are able to enjoy the delicious cream cheese with no upset stomach involved.

“As the brand that has set the cream cheese standard for 150 years, we realized the current options weren’t meeting consumer expectations, and there was no trusted leader,” Scott stated.

Philadelphia occupies a 69% share of the cream cheese market, with multiple flavors such as strawberry, pumpkin spice, peach, olive, and more.

Cream cheese is just the latest product within the Kraft Heinz Company universe to be revamped to appease the plant-based community. Made for Veggiez sauces, Vegan Mayo, and other condiments offer healthier food enhancements that do not sacrifice the taste of our favorite foods.

The non-dairy Philadelphia Cream Cheese is about $6.49 per container, a bit pricier than the traditional cream cheese, which is approximately $4.57.

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