Philadelphia Eagles Parking Attendant Steals Over $200k From Player’s Bank Account

A parking lot attendant, responsible for watching the cars of the Philadelphia Eagles while they play, did more than just attended to the players’ vehicles. He attended to their bank accounts on the side.


On Wednesday morning, 37 year old Robert Von Ryan was accused of helping himself to more than $225,000 from Eagles O-lineman Todd Herremans’ bank account while tending the lot to the team’s hotel in Philadelphia. Von Ryan, who was a subcontractor and not a direct Eagles employee, was found out when an advisor asked Herremans about credit cards that he never actually owned. That is when, after further investigating, he found out that Von Ryan had transferred $225,034.52 from Herremans’ UBS checking account to his own and had been doing so since 2009.


Von Ryan’s duties included valeting and guarding players’ cars at both home and away games but due to his shady business, he could be facing up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

This is definitely a wake up call for those, like myself, who check the mail and leave it in our cars, then have someone valet our cars and think nothing of it. We’re quick to lock away valuables and forget something as simple as a bank statement.

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