Pics – Love & Hip Hop Screening Party: All The Drama You Expected It To Be

Last night I attended the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta screening party in Atlanta’s Frank Ski’s Restaurant. The event served as an opportunity for media to get to know the cast of the new show, ask them questions and best of all, check out the first episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta before it airs on June 18th. I got a chance to experience all of that and honey, let me tell you that it was EVERYTHING! Check out some pics below as I introduce (most of) the cast and give you my thoughts of them.

Karlie Redd. Karlie is a Trini rapper & singer. She’s one of my favorites so far. When her team wasn’t letting her do interviews, she MADE her team let me interview her. She made sure that I was getting my interview and that shows someone who’s about their business. The girl is a firecracker. She’s fun, she’s wild, she’s definitely trained for the camera and better yet, in the first episode of Love & Hip Hopshe’s already in some drama! What a way to solidify your spot girl!


Karlie Redd


Joseline. Joseline is a former stripper turned rapper who is managed by Stevie J. She feels that fans will judge her based on her past. I feel that fans will judge her based on the fact that she’s been sleeping with Stevie J knowing he’s married. I tried to like her but that first episode was just tacky.



Rasheeda. I never made it a secret that Rasheeda was one of my favorites. I’ve been a fan of her music for so long and she’s always been a class act. You can imagine my surprise when I didn’t see much of her on the first episode. Clips from episode 2 look promising.



Mimi Faust. I like her! She has a really warm presence about her. She is the wife of producer and fellow cast mate Stevie J and her entire storyline begins drama-filled from the very first episode. From the trailer, she suspects Stevie J of cheating and let’s just say in episode 1, the sh-t hits the fan!



Mimi & Friend, Ariane. Ariane makes a guest appearance on the first episode of Love & Hip Hopas Mimi’s best friend and shoulder to lean on. I like Ariane. She handles herself like a true friend the entire episode. I’m interested to see how much more airtime she gets.


K. Michelle. Prior to the event, I wasn’t big on K. Michelle. It seemed like every time I heard about her it was some drama. After the first episode, I liked her a bit more. She opens up about her abusive relationship with Memphitz and although she never says his name, I hope that women can take her experience and learn from it.



Mama Dee. She’s the mother of Lil Scrappy. Let me tell you, Mama Jones from Season 1 and 2 has NOTHING on this woman here! She is energetic, funny and no holds barred. If it needs to be said Mama Dee is gonna say it and frankly she could care less about your feelings. I guess all those years of selling dope and pimping has made her a different breed of woman. She beez in the trap! 


Mona Scott-Young


The ladies sat for a brief Q&A session with media


Erica, Mimi & K Michelle


Joseline. No Shade.


I sat next to Jazze Phae the entire time. His commentary during the screening was hilarious!!


After the episode aired everyone got to speak their piece. Pictured above is Ericawith the mic. Erica is Lil Scrappy’s on again off again girlfriend of 10 years and mother of his 6 year old daughter. She’s been jaded by Scrappy in the past, the Diamond (of Crime Mobb) situation being the final straw. Scrappy complains he isn’t getting the kind of love he needs from Erica. Well, I’m sure your cheating had something to do with that. I see a lot of myself in Erica & I’ll explain why after episode one airs Monday.


Mama Dee telling us how she would take Diamond, put her in the trunk of her car, put her in a mini skirt and make her walk the track. Then she tells the women in the party to be careful because she smells money. Lord, this woman is a trip!



Yes, the guys of Love & Hip Hop were there too, but let’s face it, the show is about the women. Scrappy, Stevie J and Benzino are just a few of the familiar male faces you can expect to see. My thoughts on episode 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? It is every bit of drama that the trailer makes it to be. As soon as the beginning credits go off, the drama unfolds. You really see how women who have established a life with “Ballers” have the same struggles, if not more magnified. I found myself disgusted by certain ladies and sympathetic for others.  If Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is 100% reality, I am surprised that someone didn’t leave the party with an ass whooping last night. Especially since this was the first time the ladies had seen the episode. The show has a clear villain here and if by the end of the first episode you can’t tell who the villain is, you’re a hoe. 



Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Premieres Monday, June 18th at 8/7c on VH1. Video footage of the screening event and interviews dropping this weekend!

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