Piers Morgan Is Still Talking About Meghan Markle On Twitter

Piers Morgan Is Still Talking About Meghan Markle On Twitter

Piers Morgan is still taking shots at Meghan Markle and her marriage following her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The TV host is standing firm on his stance that he does not believe many of her claims made in the interview, despite the immense backlash he has received. On Monday, he took to Twitter to share an article allegedly debunking Markle and Prince Harry’s claims that they were secretly married days before their royal wedding.

“Do we still have to believe her?” Morgan wrote in the tweet.

According to the official rule book for clergy members provided by the Church of England, very specific rules outline a legal marriage. The book explains that “a couple who are already lawfully married cannot choose to re-marry each other unless there is some doubt as to the validity of the earlier marriage.” Harry and Markle’s private ceremony days before their lavish wedding would directly violate these rules.

Morgan is clinging to these laws to debunk the royal couple’s allegations during the tell-all. The stunning two-hour sit-down detailed racism that Markle received from the kingdom and the rejection of her son.

Morgan and other Brits, such as Sharon Osbourne, have criticized Markle over the interview.

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