Piers Morgan Says Omarosa Is A “Vicious, Duplicitous, Lying, Conniving, Backstabbing Piece of Work”; Claims She Called Him A “F*cking F*gg*t” After He Declined Her Offer For Sex

Piers Morgan Says Omarosa Is A “Vicious, Duplicitous, Lying, Conniving, Backstabbing Piece of Work”; Claims She Called Him A “F*cking F*gg*t” After He Declined Her Offer For Sex

In the wake of Omarosa’s firing from her position in the White House and her transition to the ‘Big Brother’ house, Piers Morgan penned an article about the “vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work.”

According to Morgan, he met the reality star back in 2008 on the first season of Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice.”

“I knew OF her, obviously,” he wrote. “She’d become America’s most hated reality TV villain after her diabolical performance in the 2004 season of the regular ‘Apprentice.’ But nothing quite prepared me for her opening gambit as we waited for the details of the first challenge.”

That is when Omarosa reportedly propositioned him for sex.

“Piers, do you want a showmance?” he said she asked. “You know, a romance on the show – we get it on together. Happens all the time on ‘Apprentice’. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it.”

But, when he declined her offer, Morgan says that is when “she turned on me like a viper.”

“Because I’d rejected her revolting sex plot, she decided the best line of attack was to repeatedly question my sexuality in the crudest and offensive manner imaginable,” Morgan wrote. “At the time, I was separated from my ex-wife, and more of three of my four children- a fact Omarosa seized on with glee. ‘The mother of your child hates you Piers,’ she giggled on camera. ‘And your children f*cking hate you, they’re embarrassed by you. Is there another man raising your children.’”

“‘Shut the f*ck up, a*shole,’” Morgan said Omarosa yelled. “’How are your kids going to feel when they wake up and discover their dad’s a f*cking f*gg*t.”

However, according to Morgan, none of Omarosa’s allegations were true. In fact, those weren’t the only lies she reportedly spewed at the host.

She even claimed he was gay, saying, ‘Hey Piers, I hear you got caught sucking a gay waiter’s c*ck in a hotel pool,’ telling Donald Trump, “‘I think Piers is in the closet.’” Piers recalled.

But, when he got angry about Omarosa’s accusations, she reportedly threatened him with violence, which brought the host to question Omarosa’s role in such a high position.

Eventually, the host concluded that the reality star just used her position in the White House to gather information and eventually sing like a canary upon her exit.

“Brace yourself for the ‘insider’ book, the docu-series and the Lifetime movie,” he wrote.

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