Please Practice Proper Text Messaging Etiquette

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to act when you are maintaining a conversation with someone via text message. Since I am a serial tester and textologist, I figured I would break down the rules of proper text messaging etiquette.


Avoid One Word Answers – If someone texts you a sentence, it is not polite to respond with “K” or “LOL”. In fact, it’s stand-offish. Appear that you are at the very least interested in the conversation you’re having and instead of saying “K” say something more like “OK, I’ll do that now”. See what a difference a few extra letters make?


Response Time Is Everything – If you’re carrying on a text conversation it is very rude to leave a person hanging by taking hours to respond or not responding at all. If you are busy, feel free to let the person on the receiving end of your conversation know that response time will be slow.


If you can say it all in 1 message, please do – Although we don’t want you to write us a novel, if you can fit whatever you have to say in 1 text, please do. There is nothing more annoying then having your text alerts going off over and over for something that could have been said once. Take some time to gather your thoughts before sending out a text. 


Say No Mass Texts – Nothing more annoying than the mass text. The worst type of mass texts come from party promoters and even those who take it upon themselves to send generic holiday texts at 8am in the morning. It’s annoying, don’t do it!


Pay Attention To Who You’re Texting – The most embarrassing thing you could possibly do is text something personal to someone you didn’t intend to. When sending texts, be mindful of who you are attempting to send the text to.


Who Is This – If you text someone, and they tell you that you have the wrong number, it is not cute to ask “Who is this?”.  Face the music that you text the wrong person and move on. Don’t be rude and ask who it is because honestly, what would you do after they told you their name? Nothing.


Cursing someone out is meant for phone calls – Don’t be THAT person that goes around cussing people out via text. Be a grown up and make that phone call.

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