New Details Show PNB Rock Killers Were Already At Roscoe's When He Arrived

New Details Show PNB Rock Killers Were Already At Roscoe’s When He Arrived

As new details emerge regarding the gruesome murder of PNB Rock, a clear picture of the group effort it took to target the rapper has emerged.

Court documents have revealed that an unknown man spotted PNB Rock and his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang entering Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on September 12th wearing expensive jewelry. The unidentified person reportedly waited outside for Freddie Lee Trone to arrive and then had a conversation assumingly about PNB Rock before Trone left. He returned a short time later with his 17-year-old son and dropped his son off a short walk away from the restaurant. Authorities say the teen entered the restaurant and confronted PNB and Sibounheuang. He pointed a gun at them, demanding all of their jewelry. Moments later, the boy shot the “Selfish” star in the chest and twice in the back. As PNB lay on the ground, the gunman removed jewelry from his body and a watch from Sibounheuang before fleeing. Authorities say the jewels were “valued at several hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Prosecutors say Trone picked his son up from Roscoe’s and drove him to dump his clothes nearby. The teen was arrested for murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and two counts each of second-degree robbery, and his stepmother Shauntel Trone for accessory after the fact. The teen was on probation and was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the killing. Trone was picked up Thursday in Las Vegas, also hit with murder and robbery charges. The unidentified man who tipped them off to PNB at the restaurant has not yet been located.

“The accused individuals’ alleged actions, in this case, were heartless and cruel and robbed the world of Mr. Allen’s talents,” stated District Attorney George Gascón.

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