Podcast Beef: Joe Budden Calls Out Crissle For Pulling Old A$AP Quote, Crissle Says He’s STEAM Pressed Over Her and “The Read”

Earlier this week, new details surfaced of A$AP Rocky’s condition in Sweden, following his arrest over a June 30th street brawl. After a Swedish Supreme Court rejected the rapper’s appeal for release, sources revealed that he’s reportedly being held in deplorable conditions. 

As news surfaced of the intolerable circumstances, Rocky’s famous friends took to social media to fight for his release. In fact, many signed their name on a petition, while others banded together to boycott the country altogether. 

On the other hand, there were quite a few that weren’t ready to jump on the Free Flacko bandwagon, just yet. In response to the petition and boycott, many highlighted his old anti-black statements and pulled the rapper’s response to the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

“I thought of this when I heard about Asap Rocky’s situation in Sweden,” ”The Read” host Crissle wrote, with a screenshot of Rocky’s statement, which read: “I’m just gonna stay black and die. Why, because I’m black? So every time something happens because I’m black I gotta stand up?”

“I don’t wanna talk about no fucking Ferguson and shit because I don’t live over there! I live in fucking Soho and Beverly Hills,” he said. “I can’t relate.”

Just one day later, Joe Budden took to his podcast to call out everyone, who brought up that old remark. Although he acknowledged that the statement was out of line, he said, “I don’t like that this is coming up now, I don’t think it adds anything to the narrative.” 

“Nor does it change how I feel. If it changes how you feel, then you should look inside your heart,” he continued. “He’s in a real fucked up situation over there, how I feel about that is not altered by how he feels about anything.” 

“That’s so nasty on Twitter,” he added, as he addressed the critics. “But that nasty ass bum ass homegirl, I seen her put it out. It’s just like, you niggas that be preaching this pro black shit but get evil in a heartbeat…woo” 

Although he didn’t say her name, fans put two-and-two together and informed Crissle of the mention, to which she responded, “where and when was this?” As her fans provided receipts, she added, “Lmfaoooo I know all about how budden’s bitch ass is STEAM pressed over me and our show. Nigga oughta be glad I paved the way for him.” 

In response, Budden tweeted, “Your show died long ago and you’re in a bunch of bad deals cuz your business acumen is in the trash but i guess cook sis.”

“I am not talking about his goofy ass on my bigger, longer running, more money making, coming to TV this fall show. He can get these tweets though,” Crissle finished, after retweeting a comment about Budden’s alleged domestic violence incident with Esther Baxter.

I am not talking about his goofy ass on my bigger, longer running, more money making, coming to TV this fall show. He can get these tweets though.

The two have been at odds for some time now, with fans noticing the Crissle’s disdain for the former rapper through her reads. But, the tensions came to a head at the Roots Picnic after fans noticed both The Read and The Joe Budden Podcast on the bill. While some questioned how the event would go off without a hitch with both acts on the bill, prior to the event, The Read announced that they’d pulled out, raising eyebrows for some neutral listeners. 

What are your thoughts about this beef?

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  1. Always recommend rappers not to diss any part of their fanbase especially in critical times. Chris Brown will be scrutinized next unfortunately.

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