Police Arrest Woman After She Urinated In An Ice Cream Machine and Spat in An Ice Cream Container

A woman was arrested on Monday after getting caught on camera contaminating thousands of dollars worth of ice cream, by spitting in the ice cream itself and urinating in a machine. 

Indian Shores deputies arrested 66-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha of St. Petersburg after she was seen destroying food at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop on multiple occasions last month. The loss of product cost the manager’s business at least $2,000 and made her close up shop for a week. The suspect works in a food mart store next door and just recently began sharing a bathroom with the ice cream owner. One of the owners at Lu Lu’s, Paul Chiulli, told WPTV-TV that the issue may have been related to parking spots outside the two stores.

A police affidavit noted Wypcha had been seen using the bathroom with the door “wide open” before leaving without washing her hands on five separate occasions on June 17. That same day, she was recorded walking to a freezer containing ice cream and putting her hands in the containers. She was also seen picking her nose and touching the product. In another clip, the suspect allegedly opened the freezer door and spat into the tubs of ice cream. The following day, the woman was seen going back into the back room to use the restroom. When she was unable to enter the ice cream freezer, she left for the day.

On June 22, the woman tried to enter the bathroom, but it was locked. Realizing she couldn’t get in, she decided to pee in a bucket that was used to churn the ice cream products. She then emptied the bucket into a rinsing sink used to wash utensils and mixing bowls. Moments later, the woman was recorded opening the ice cream freezer and putting her hands inside, before leaving the business, according to an affidavit. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Wypcha had been charged with two felonies: criminal mischief and tampering. She was held on $55,000 bond and has since been released from jail, according to the Tampa Bay Times newspaper.

Police say they do not believe Wypcha was under any influence of drugs or alcohol and has yet to release if there was a motivation behind her behavior. Lu Lu’s Ice Cream’s Paul Chiulli, who co-owns the store with his wife Beth, told WPTV: “We didn’t even know she was mad. But I’m guessing it’s from the parking and us being popular.”

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