Ontario Cop Tases & Brutally Arrests Skateboarder For Running Red Light

Ontario Cop Tases & Brutally Arrests Skateboarder For Running Red Light

An Ontario, Canada police officer has been reassigned after violently arresting and tasing a young man on video.

Around 3 p.m. on Thursday, Barrie police caught Skyler Kent running a red light on his skateboard. The consequences were minor at first; the cops leaving him with just a ticket. But then officers went after him a second time; this time not so gently.

In the video, you can hear Kent screaming “get off of me” multiple times, while the officer is telling him to stop resisting. You hear Kent yell to a friend, “I am not even resisting,” which you do see is the case, if you watch the video.

The cop is then heard threatening the 20-year-old. “You want this? I’ll light you up!”

Bystanders and witnesses are continuously pleading with the officer to stop, but he does not.

“Roll on your stomach!” the officer yells while tasing Kent in the head. Another officer then joins in, while the first cop is smashing Kent’s head into the pavement.

Anyone who watches the video can clearly see that Kent did nothing wrong. Yet, he was charged with causing a disturbance and assault with an attempt to resist arrest.

The officer on the other hand was only “reassigned to alternate duties”  as an investigation is conducted, Vice reported.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman affirms accountability will be held once all the details come to light.

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