Man stealing luggage from airport.
Man stealing luggage from airport.

Police Catch Man Who Steals Other People’s Luggage From Airport; Man Has Been Arrested 22 Times For The Same Crime

Police have caught a man who was stealing people’s luggage in Atlanta‘s airport.

Video footage shows a man taking airline passengers’ luggage off a conveyer belt in Atlanta’s airport in Fulton County. The man was first seen on video stealing luggage back in February. Now, police have captured him after several months.

According to CBS 46, the man was a repeat offender, stealing people’s luggage on several different occasions and being arrested 22 times for the crime. You can see him removing bags that aren’t his from the moving Delta Airlines belt at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in the video. Other footage shows the man leaving the airport.

While many flyers are shocked by the news of the man, most say what’s most important are their items like their phones, keys, and wallets. Authorities say it’s best for those traveling to keep a lock on their luggage, pack a carry-on with essential items, wraps bags in plastic, or use zip ties and invest in travel insurance.

The man, Robert Allen Grimes, is now in custody.



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