Atlanta Police Certain Missing Woman Allahnia Lenoir Was Murdered By Her Friends

Atlanta Police Certain Missing Woman Allahnia Lenoir Was Murdered By Her Friends

An Atlanta family finally has answers regarding what happened to a missing 24-year-old who has not been seen for nearly two months.

During a Tuesday press conference, Atlanta Police Major Peter Malecki revealed that Allahnia Lenoir had been killed and her body was disposed of. Malecki explained to reporters that 24 hours after Lenoir was reported missing by her loved ones, detectives were able to determine her last known location. Thanks to video and technology evidence, Malecki knows that the young woman was last seen at 1616 Peachtree Street in Midtown in the early hours of July 31st. Sadly, authorities do not believe Lenoir ever made it out of the apartment alive.

“We did know that she did not at any point leave 1616 Peach Street on her own accord. We do believe that she had died inside the apartment,” Malecki shared.

Investigators have identified two suspects, 29-year-old Diante Reynolds and 29-year-old Steven Oboite. Both men have been charged with felony murder and concealing the death of another. Reynolds is already in custody. However, Oboite remains at large and is believed to be in the metro-Atlanta area. Investigators are still working to determine a motive but did confirm that Lenoir was acquaintances with both suspects.

Last month, Lenoir’s mother, Jannette Jackson, spoke with Channel 2 Action News about her daughter’s disappearance and the toll it has taken on her.

“Every day is getting harder obviously because the reality of time not being on my side or my daughter’s side is hurting,” she shared at the time.

With an idea of what took place that fateful morning, Atlanta Police are now focused on locating her body and bringing closure to her family. Several searches have been conducted to no avail.

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