Virginia Inmates Who Escaped Caught at Nearby IHOP After Patrons Report Them to Police
John M. Garza, 37, and Arley V. Nemo, 43,

Virginia Inmates Who Escaped Caught at Nearby IHOP After Patrons Report Them to Police

Two Virginia inmates were found at a nearby IHOP after escaping from their cells using metal objects and a toothbrush.
During a routine head count Monday evening, authorities discovered the two men, John M. Garza, 37, and Arley V. Nemo, 43, missing from their Newport News jail annex cell.
According to the Newport News Sheriff’s Office, an initial investigation determined that the two men found a weak spot in the jail’s construction design, using primitive tools to access the rebars between the walls and then utilizing the rebars to flee.  After fleeing the prison, the inmates scaled a containment wall to escape.
Police urged the public to help arrest the two inmates later found at an IHOP on Tuesday in Hampton.
The hole made in a jail wall by the two inmates who escaped

“I extend my gratitude to the Newport News Police Department, the Hampton Police Department, and the James City County Police Department for their assistance in our attempt to recapture these inmates,” he said in a statement. “Moreover, I’m thankful for the citizens who observed Garza and Nemo at the IHOP and notified law enforcement. It reinforces what we always say ‘see something, say something.'”

Sheriff’s officials said they are investigating to prevent further escapes.
Garza had been in custody at the Virginia jail on multiple charges, including contempt of court, probation violations and failure to appear. The other escapee, Nemo, was being held on charges including credit card fraud, credit card larceny, forgery, possession of burglary tools, grand larceny, contempt of court and probation violation.
They were re-arrested early Tuesday. Charges related to the escape are still pending,

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