Porsche Cayenne Getting An Electric Makeover By The End Of The Decade

Porsche Cayenne Getting An Electric Makeover By The End Of The Decade

Porsche is gearing up for something great, moving towards a fully electric Cayenne this decade.

This week, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume confirmed the best-selling SUV would be getting an electric makeover during the Annual Press Conference. Fans of the Cayenne can expect the EV model to arrive within the second half of the decade.

While exciting, the news isn’t exactly surprising. Porsche previously announced their plans to tap into the chargeable vehicle market. In 2020, the company said its Macan model was also going electric, though it has yet to hit dealerships. Deliveries of the electric Macan are expected to begin in 2024. In 2021, rumors of a Cayenne EV began to spread, but nothing was confirmed at that time.

Not much has been revealed regarding the new rendition of the Cayenne. However, what is known is that the SUV will be supported by the Volkswagen Group’s Scalable Systems Platform, known as SSP Sport. The EV, according to Porsche, will have “strong performance” and be equipped with “automated driving functions.”

Many high-end car corporations are gravitating towards electric vehicles. Lamborghini recently announced that its Urus SUV, a stiff competitor of the Cayenne, will be going electric by 2029. Ferrari’s first SUV, the highly anticipated Purosangue, is also an EV.

It’s safe to say Porsche will have some stiff competition with its Cayenne, but as one of the company’s most successful models, fans are sure to flock to this new electric version whenever it makes its debut.

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